Wire Brushes

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What's one of the best tools you can have for removing rust from virtually any surface? A wire brush. You will not know how you lived without the versatility and simplicity of this type of product. Wire brushes are also very good at removing old paint, grease, and dirt from most any surface. Car parts and electrical surfaces benefit greatly from the use of a wire brush. Do you need to make a better, cleaner surface for electrical connections? Clean that surface with a wire brush. Wire brushes come in a variety of materials and styles to fit your situation.

13.5" Wire Brush W/Wood Handle

Wholesale 13.5" Wire Brush W/Wood Handle Price: $25.51

Remove rust, paint, and scale with the 13.50" wire brush with wood handle. It is...

Wire Brush With Handle

Wholesale Wire Brush With Handle Price: $20.27

Great for cleaning patios and barbecues, this Wire Brush features stiff wire...

3 Pack Mini Wire Brush Set

Wholesale 3 Pack Mini Wire Brush Set Price: $19.47

Ideal for cleaning greasy machinery or jobs that need extra strength, this...