Utility Knives & Blades

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Don't be burdened by the constant need to rip and tear packaging when you can purchase the perfect cutting solution for both at home and professional needs. Utility knife sets are a classic solution to stubborn cardboard and difficult to unwrap packages. Make life easier with the right tool at the right time. Easily replace old blades with blade package sets available here. The potential time savings and practical benefits of these utility knives make it a worthwhile investment for both do-it-yourself home projects and professional on the job operations.

Carton Cutter With Extra Blades

Wholesale Carton Cutter With Extra Blades Price: $29.17

Perfect for home or professional use, this Carton Cutter features a fully...

Retractable Metal Utility Knife

Wholesale Retractable Metal Utility Knife Price: $36.80

Great for a variety of cutting needs, this Metal Utility Knife is safe and fully...

Multi-Purpose Utility Knife Set

Wholesale Multi-Purpose Utility Knife Set Price: $13.91

Great for cutting straps, opening packages, scraping stickers and more, this 8-...

Retractable Utility Knife

Wholesale Retractable Utility Knife Price: $24.72

An ideal tool for breaking down boxes, opening packages or precision cutting,...

Pocket-Size Carton Cutters

Wholesale Pocket-Size Carton Cutters Price: $14.38

Great for using on the go, this two pack of Pocket-Size Carton Cutters safely...

Utility Knife Blades

Wholesale Utility Knife Blades Price: $19.31

A toolbox essential that is great for a variety of tasks, this 10-piece Utility...

Razor Blades

Wholesale Razor Blades Price: $19.31

Great for cutting cardboard, leather, linoleum, rope, soft metal and more, these...