Spring Clamps

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Need to hold something together tightly and securely? Get yourself a spring clamp. This tool is a must have for any crafter or builder needing to keep something down or together for extended periods of time. Versatile and reliable, you don't have to worry about holding together a glued project or keeping a piece of wood from moving around while sanding or shaping it. Instead of using that hefty, non-portable vise clamp, grab a spring clamp or three. They are small enough to store away in a tool box or apron and weigh very little. Give them a try and you'll have freedom to go where you want and till have the ability to keep things together.

Industrial Plastic Spring Clamps Set

Wholesale Industrial Plastic Spring Clamps Set Price: $40.30

Great for a variety of uses, this 10-piece Industrial Spring Clamps Set features...

Industrial Spring Clamp

Wholesale Industrial Spring Clamp Price: $23.13

A must-have for every toolbox, this Industrial Spring Clamp features a generous 4...