Putty Knives & Scrapers

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Your toolbox is not complete without these item. That is right. Your toolbox is lacking a putty knife or scraper. These are ideal for opening boxes and cartons or scraping off paint. They are very versatile and also have a number of additional functions. Some paints and materials are hard to remove and there is no way of doing without that putty knife or scraper. These tools are simple to use. You do not need to take a training course! These tools will come in handy and get you out of some sticky situation. And please stop struggling to open boxes! Grab that putty knife and your life will get so much easier!

Metal Putty Knife Set

Wholesale Metal Putty Knife Set Price: $16.93

Great for scraping, cleaning and preparing for paint jobs, this 3-piece Metal...

Scraper & Putty Knife Set

Wholesale Scraper & Putty Knife Set Price: $29.17

Great for smoothing and touching up, this Scraper & Putty Knife Set includes...

Mini Scrapers

Wholesale Mini Scrapers Price: $35.85

Quickly and easily remove paint from windows and clean glass with this 4-piece...

Scraper Set

Wholesale Scraper Set Price: $16.98

A must-have for all toolboxes, this 3-piece Scraper Set includes three scrapers...

Plastic Putty Knife Set

Wholesale Plastic Putty Knife Set Price: $24.40

Great for scraping large areas and hard to reach places, this 3-piece putty knife...