Pocket Knives & Sharpeners

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Why a pocket knife you might ask? Because they are versatile and handy and you will no doubt find yourself needing one. And of course, you will need a sharpener to go with it. You don't want that knife getting dull right? It is great to be able to pull your pocket knife right out of your pocket when you need to open a box or cut through something. It is also great to be able to sharpen that knife as soon as it gets dull, so that it keeps functioning very well for you. Make your life as easy as it should be by investing in these useful tools. When the occasion arises, you will be glad you did. Pocket knives and sharpeners are also great for camping. They come in handy on the campsite many times!

13 Function Pocket Tool Knife

Wholesale 13 Function Pocket Tool Knife Price: $57.15

Ideal for camping and hiking, this 13 Function Pocket Tool Knife with key ring...