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The shower hair trap is the best available solution to trap hairs going down the pipe and at the same time to keep the drains unclogged from the plugholes in the shower. It prevents water running down quickly. It stays in place perfectly and if you want to clean it, you can remove it easily. It won't rust because it is plastic. These products are different and very effective plumbing products for every bathroom

2.25" Mesh Lavatory Strainer

Wholesale 2.25" Mesh Lavatory Strainer Price: $15.81

My Helper 2.25" Lavatory Strainer is made of durable mesh and stainless steel...

Shower Hair Trap

Wholesale Shower Hair Trap Price: $25.04

A must for every bathroom, this Shower Hair Trap helps keep drains unclogged....

Household Strength Crystal Drain Opener Clip Strip

Wholesale Household Strength Crystal Drain Opener Clip Strip Price: $15.81

Power through clogged drains with this Household Strength Crystal Drain Opener....

Starfish Shape Drain Guard

Wholesale Starfish Shape Drain Guard Price: $10.41

Prevent clogged drains and dress up your sink or tub with this Starfish Shape...

O-Ring Set

Wholesale O-Ring Set Price: $32.35

Perfect hardware to keep on hand in garages or toolboxes, this 50-piece O-Ring...