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Pliers are a multi-purpose object. Pliers are a great tool that may come in handy when making different kinds of crafts. They also make a great garage tool to keep in your tool box. They may not be something you need every day, but you will be surprised at how often the need for pliers does arise. Sort through the different shapes and styles of pliers and find what works best for your needs. You will be glad when the occasion arises, that you did invest in a pair of pliers. Keep them nearby and they will make your life easier! Great for your toolbox and great for cutting wire!

9" Long Nose Locking Pliers

Wholesale 9" Long Nose Locking Pliers Price: $18.57

9" long nose locking pliers

Side Cutting Pliers

Wholesale Side Cutting Pliers Price: $31.05

A perfect addition to any tool box, these 7.5" Side Cutting Pliers feature a...

Diagonal Cutting Nippers

Wholesale Diagonal Cutting Nippers Price: $28.06

A toolbox essential, these 6" Diagonal Cutting Nippers feature a heavy duty...

Slip Joint Pliers

Wholesale Slip Joint Pliers Price: $47.61

Made from high quality metal and designed for industrial use, these 6" Slip Joint...

Long Nose Pliers

Wholesale Long Nose Pliers Price: $25.51

A toolbox essential, these 6" Long Nose Pliers feature a heavy duty industrial...