Plate Stands & Hangers

Do you have a collection of beautiful plates but no way to display them? You may want to consider investing in plate hangers or stands. Show off the beauty of your collection rather than keeping them hidden. By using plate stands and hangers you can place these beautiful plates in different places around your kitchen or living room. Maybe you prefer to hang the plates, then use the hangers? Or maybe you prefer to just have them setting on a table, then use the stands. You can also use the stands for photographs, plaques, or other similar items. You will be surprised at how useful these plate hangers and stands really are!

Clear Plate Stands

Wholesale Clear Plate Stands Price: $36.17

Perfect for displaying commemorative plates and plaques, photographs or other...

Transparent Plastic Plate Stands

Wholesale Transparent Plastic Plate Stands Price: $46.98

Ideal for displaying decorative plates, sentimental photographs or important...

Large Brass-Plated Decorative Plate Hanger

Wholesale Large Brass-Plated Decorative Plate Hanger Price: $14.54

Easily display plates on your wall with this Large Decorative Plate Hanger...