Painting Rollers & Trays

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Ready to tackle that project? Whether it is painting your living room, bedroom, basement, or commercial space, painting rollers and trays will make your paint job ten times easier. It makes a world of difference to paint a wall with a roller as opposed to using a paintbrush and going stroke by stroke. Make sure you invest in a tray to put the paint in. You may even want to get a few different trays to separate out different paint colors in. As soon as you do this, grab your roller and begin rolling that paint onto your walls. You will be pleased at how quickly paint rollers can cover a wall in paint. No more taking all day with a paint brush. Fill up your trays and start rolling today!

Paint Roller & Tray Kit

Wholesale Paint Roller & Tray Kit Price: $12.21

Ideal for applying paints to smooth or lightly textured walls, this 2-piece Paint...

Paint Tray Kit

Wholesale Paint Tray Kit Price: $12.90

Great for general painting and touchups, this 6-piece Paint Tray Kit features an...

Paint Roller Frame

Wholesale Paint Roller Frame Price: $17.72

Great for painting large areas and touchups, this Paint Roller Frame features a...