Painting Accessories

Disposable painters coverall suits are an affordable and easy way to keep clean during painting or any household tasks. You can do painting, decorating, woodworking or any other projects faster and easier without worrying about your expensive clothes. You can simply throw it out after working. Keep your cloths clean and free while painting or decorating your house. A mixer is the most useful tool for mixing and agitating most materials. Plastic drop cloth is an excellent product to protect tables, chairs, windows etc during painting and renovations. It can be cleaned easily by wiping with damp cloth and air dry..

7" Pointing Trowel

Wholesale 7" Pointing Trowel Price: $18.68

H.B Smith Tools 7" Pointing Trowel is excellent for small jobs and hard to reach...

Plastic Drop Cloth

Wholesale Plastic Drop Cloth Price: $26.31

Great around the house, Plastic Drop Cloth uses include: painting, leaf bag,...

Disposable Painters Coverall

Wholesale Disposable Painters Coverall Price: $24.72

Great for industrial or household tasks, this Disposable Painters Coverall...

Polyester Painter's Mitt

Wholesale Polyester Painter's Mitt Price: $23.45

One Coat Polyester Painter's Mitt is perfect for hard to paint areas and objects...