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A lantern is your best friend at night, your protector in an emergency, and fun for using to decorate your campsite or treehouse. Let a lantern light your way to safety, help you find lost items in the dark, flag down help, keep a beacon on if the power is lost, or keep your camp lit at night. It will illuminate your garden path and guide you to the door safely. Have fun with smaller more colorful lanterns that can hang from trees, plants, or anywhere you'd love to just sit and dream at night.

Collapsible LED Lantern Set

Wholesale Collapsible LED Lantern Set Price: $22.65

Great for camping and keeping in your emergency preparedness kit, this 2-piece...

LED Hurricane Camping Lantern

Wholesale LED Hurricane Camping Lantern Price: $10.22

Perfect for use in workshops, auto emergencies, during camping or even for...