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Anyone planning a home improvement project will surely need some of our hinges. Hinges are a critical piece of hardware that keeps your cabinets and doors working smoothly. Your next home project will be easy and satisfying with a set of our hinges. The last thing you want is to get ready for a new project, only to see that you don't have any hinges at home. Don't risk it. Order a set of our hinges today and you'll be ready for any project that comes up around your home. You will be better off safe than sorry with one of our hinge products!

2.5mm Brass Door Hinges In Box

Wholesale 2.5mm Brass Door Hinges In Box Price: $18.40

2.5mm brass door hinges in box

Continuous Hinge

Wholesale Continuous Hinge Price: $21.38

This 1.06" Bright Brass Continuous Hinge by Hampton is perfect for high-traffic...

Brass Hinge Set With Screws

Wholesale Brass Hinge Set With Screws Price: $32.03

Great for any door, this 2-piece Brass Hinge Set features durable machined hinges...

Narrow Hinge

Wholesale Narrow Hinge Price: $16.41

This 1.50 Solid Brass Narrow Hinge is great for crafted boxes, small doors and...

Brass Hinges Assortment

Wholesale Brass Hinges Assortment Price: $12.95

Ideal for storage sheds, cabinets and gates, 2-piece set with screws. Hinge...