Hardware Adhesives

A variety of tape products are here, ranging from electrical tape to duct tape and many others. There are tapes for every need and for projects in every room of the home. Also some tape products are in multiple colors which would further add to the applications available. The duct tape product could also be used in outdoor projects. We also have many types of glue, for projects where tape is not a reasonable solution.

All Weather Electrical Tape

Wholesale All Weather Electrical Tape Price: $29.17

Ideal for splicing, installation and repairing electric components, this 2-piece...

Helping Hands Household Adhesive Putty

Wholesale Helping Hands Household Adhesive Putty Price: $17.72

Helping Hand Adhesive Putty is excellent for posters, decorations, charts,...

Black Electrical Tape Set

Wholesale Black Electrical Tape Set Price: $24.36

Great for industrial or household use and insulation, this 5-piece Black...

Mounting Adhesive Tape

Wholesale Mounting Adhesive Tape Price: $17.56

Make easy work of mounting small pictures, hanging classwork, art and small...

Contact Cement

Wholesale Contact Cement Price: $29.17

Ideal for bonding metals, wood, glass, rubber and more, this Contact Cement...

Professional Wood Glue

Wholesale Professional Wood Glue Price: $25.67

Ideal for woodworking jobs and repairs, this super strong, fast working...

Double Sided Removable Tape

Wholesale Double Sided Removable Tape Price: $11.68

Easily mount pictures and decorations with this roll of Double Sided Removable...

Super Glue

Wholesale Super Glue Price: $16.13

Great for a variety of repairs, Super Glue works best on non-porous surfaces such...

Dr. Bond Super Glue

Wholesale Dr. Bond Super Glue Price: $17.72

dr. bond super glue

Super Glue Set

Wholesale Super Glue Set Price: $19.95

A must-have in every household, this 3-piece Super Glue Set can be used on rubber...

Duct Tape

Wholesale Duct Tape Price: $32.97

Ideal for general tape fastening needs and more, this 10 yard Duct Tape roll is...

Super Glue Set

Wholesale Super Glue Set Price: $20.27

Great for mending and finishing, this Super Glue Set bonds rubber, metal, glass,...